Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Power of Blog Links

When building incoming links to your site, it is important to remember that not all links are created equal. And the Google pagerank of the site linking to you is far from the only factor.

It is a well-known fact, for example, that links coming from blogs are especially helpful in improving your rankings. What most people don’t know is why exactly that is the case.

One must realize that one of the most powerful types of link exchanges known to man is a site-wide sidebar exchange between two SEO blogs, also known as a blogroll exchange. Such an arrangement, in effect, creates the potential for each party to receive hundreds (or even thousands) of relevant backlinks. This is due to the fact that each and every page of Site A links to the homepage of Site B, and vice versa. As you can see, an exchange like this between two very large sites can be of great benefit to both of them.

Another much smaller scale type of blog link is a simple reference from another post. These usually aren’t part of a reciprocal agreement, and might at first glance, appear to be quite minor. In truth, however, these links carry a lot of weight, due to their high level of relevance.

I mean, think about it for a minute. Most bloggers won’t link to another post unless it’s clearly related to what they’re writing about. And links from highly relevant content-based pages are going to be valuable assets, regardless of pagerank, etc.

So, having read my overwhelmingly positive description of blog links, you may be anxious to get out there and acquire a few for a blog of your own. It’s important to realize, however, that in order to receive favorable results, you will need to have a good base of quality unique content.

My advice would be to continually write relevant and useful content, while submitting to RSS directories, etc. If people read your material and find it useful, some of them will likely link to it, and that’s where the fun begins.

As you publish more content and get more links, you will eventually become a trusted source within your industry. At that point, you should start contacting the owners of related sites, and politely asking for blogroll exchanges. As you amass such exchanges, you will notice your search engine ranking (and traffic) slowly but steadily move upwards, to previously unattainable levels.

Just remember the basic theory behind it though. Quality content comes first, then links will begin to form naturally. For those who have knowledge, and are willing to work to articulate it, blogs are perhaps the easiest medium to express ideas, and attain back links.

Monday, August 3, 2009

UBS Initiates Coverage Of Google With "Buy" Rating

Financial services firm UBS apparently doesn't feel that the new Microsoft-Yahoo deal poses too much of a threat to the other big search contender. Today, UBS initiated its coverage of Google with a "buy" rating and some rather aggressive targets.

Brian PitzBrian Pitz, an executive director and senior research analyst at UBS, believes Google's stock will be trading at about $525 in one year's time. Google, which is currently trading at $449.89, hasn't been that high since July of 2008, so this would equate to an almost perfect reversal of its recessionary decline.

Then there are the revenue estimates to consider. This year and next, Pitz expects Google to report $17.1 billion and $19.3 billion in revenue, respectively, while Tiernan Ray reports that the consensus forecast names the sums of $16.9 billion and $19.2 billion.

According to Ray, Pitz explained, "We believe there is a secular trend in the industry away from higher priced CPM-based display toward cheaper, measurable, performance-based display advertising. This trend bodes well for Google due to its focus on measurable advertising solutions to marketers. In addition, GOOG is more aggressively monetizing YouTube and Mobile, which should provide upside potential to 2010 estimates."

So there you have it. And in case you're wondering, Google's up 3.13 percent today, while Microsoft's up 0.56 percent and Yahoo's down 3.37 percent.

source: http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2009/07/30/ubs-initiates-coverage-of-google-with-buy-rating

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tip-How to Recruit Effortlessly

We all know that to be successful in the home based business and network marketing industry you need traffic to your website and more importantly you need to convert that traffic into leads, well today I want to go over some marketing strategies that can be used to generate an endless supply of leads for your business.

1. Pay-Per Click Advertising - I see PPC as the most powerful marketing strategy on the entire internet, I would highly recommend learning this skill if you haven't already...there is no other form of marketing where within half an hour or so you can have laser targeted leads opting in to your capture page or website within minutes of writing your adds.

2. Article Marketing - This is another very powerful form of marketing although you won't see immediate results like with PPC you can still generate lots of free highly targeted leads. The more articles you write the more exposure you will gain. Just make sure your articles provide value to the reader and contain good content by doing this you can expect to receive traffic from your articles for years to come.

source: http://moniques-home-based-business-tips.blogspot.com/2009/05/free-network-marketing-information-tip_27.html

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Free Network Marketing Information-Internet Marketing and MLM Leads

NO matter what business you are trying to build online whether it be mlm, a direct sales business, affiliate marketing, etc. , you will need sales leads if you are ever going to make sales, and sales leads are what you are trying to generate if you are marketing on the internet. In order to survive, any web site needs a steady flow of qualified leads. Today's free network marketing information tip is about how to use internet marketing strategies to get more qualified leads.

The aim of any lead generation campaign is to build your mailing list. Internet marketers often say "the money is in the list", which is totally true. A list of responsive buying customers that trust you is worth its weight in gold!

While spam filtering has lessened the impact of email marketing, it’s still a viable means to getting your sales messages out there. In theory, email is marketing is free, although of course its costs you in terms of your time. The theory behind email marketing is that by using a "hook" such as a free product or some other incentive, you can "funnel" interested parties onto specific products and services....

source: http://moniques-home-based-business-tips.blogspot.com/

Free Network Marketing Information-Avoid The MLM "Sales" Alarm

All of your prospects are pre-sold!

Think about it. Almost everyone would love the benefits of your product or your service.

And everyone wants more money.

Yes, your prospects are pre-sold on your business.

source: http://daytoday-lifeschool.blogspot.com/